Selected Patents

1 7,311,910 Methods for treating cancer and infectious disease by blocking CTLA4-B7interactions
2 7,887,804 Methods for treating disease-states associated with RG1 using immunoconjugates
3 7,893,217 Isolated human antibodies that bind epitopes on RG1
4 7,972,798 Method for identifying diabetic patients at increased risk for pathological complications
5 8,007,827 Pharmaceutical dosage forms having immediate release and/or controlled release properties
6 8,058,395 Chimeric protein comprising a green fluorescent proteins fused to a transcription factor
7 8,207,188 Treatment of diseases modulated by a H4 receptor agonist
8 8,207,292 Treatment of COPD, gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), food allergies and other gastrointestinal conditions and disorders ameliorated by proper histamine management using a combination of histidine decarboxylase inhibitors, LRA drugs, anti-H1 and/or anti-H2 drugs
9 8,241,863 Identification of an evolutionarily conserved pathway mediating transrepression of inflammatory response genes by nuclear receptors
10 8,263,068 Modified cells expressing a protein that modulates activity of bHLH proteins, and uses thereof
11 8,377,474 Controlled release formulations of levodopa and uses thereof
12 8,586,307 Methods for diagnosing epigenetic, transgenerational effects of environmental toxicants on mammalian germ-lines and treating associated diseases
13 8,709,421 Combination of the application of antibodies for immunostimulation together with glucocorticoids
14 8,883,502 Expandable cell source of neuronal stem cell populations and methods for obtaining and using them
15 8,920,789 Use of polymer D-lactic acid (PDLA) or equivalents thereof to inhibit growth of cancer cells and diagnose cancers
16 8,969,077 Neuronal specific targeting of caveolin expression to restore synaptic signaling and improve cognitive function in the neurodegenerative brain and motor function in spinal cord
17 8,999,349 HMGB1-derived peptides enhance immune response to antigens
18 9,119,832 Methods of treating mild brain injury
19 9,168,275 Method of treating gastrointestinal diseases associated with species of genus Clostridium
20 9,283,272 Targeting intracellular target-binding determinants with intracellular antibodies
21 9,382,376 Use of polymer D-lactic acid (PDLA) or equivalents thereof to inhibit growth of cancer cells and diagnose cancers
22 9,394,350 HLA-A2 tumor associated antigen peptides and compositions
23 9,744,175 Compositions of combinations of non-covalent DNA binding agents and anti-cancer and/or anti-inflammatory agents and their use in disease treatment
24 9,913,884 HLA-A2 tumor associated antigen peptides and compositions
25 9,989,519 Method for determining in vitro bioequivalence of a sucralfate suspension sample to a sucralfate suspension reference listed drug (RLD)
26 10,350,280 Methods To Analyze Genetic Alterations In Cancer To Identify Therapeutic Peptide Vaccines And Kits Therefore