Teresa Liang, Ph.D. Patent Agent

Patent Attorney in Pasadena, CA

Teresa has more than 15-year experience as a Patent Agent and has prepared and prosecuted patent applications in the U.S. and under the PCT and guided prosecution in many non-U.S. jurisdictions, in various technology areas including antisense, protein, DNA, RNA, micro-RNA, antibody compositions, diagnostic tools and methods, optical technologies, chemical analytical technologies, and pharmaceuticals. Teresa was formerly an in-house patent agent at Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., (previously known as Isis Pharmaceuticals) and developed particular expertise in patenting nucleic acid based drugs. Teresa has a double major undergraduate degree in Genetics and Pathology from U.C. Berkeley and a doctoral degree in Molecular Pathology from UCLA and is a registered U.S. patent agent (Reg. No. 51,946).